Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is Reality??? And Who is the real me???

I am 23 years old
I am normal and i am funny and i am serious and i am sad
Different Me s
but really am always the same but situations tend to make people perceive me in
different angles
I can possibly be onething
"I am a Selfish Person"
So are the humans and other species living in this globe
everyone wants something for them or something for their loved ones
i love to code my project, time flies when i do that
i don't talk to anyone that time
i don't spend time with anything
so that makes me a selfish person
isn't it???
it is, people cant stand it
they want me to be a social animal which i am not
i derive my pleasure at my own cost
its my time and its my pleasure

Selfish is a word which has been wrongly understood
I am Self Sufficient/ Self Dependent
If Everyone is capable of being what they really are
there cant be any crime in this world
World will be a better place of everyone

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Should I DO?

Hi folks,
now am going to be true to you all
i am doing MBA but everything i think or do is related to systems
to say frankly, i love computers more than anything
and i have been coding for 3 days together that i lost interest in
everything else and i love the way the coding is coming..
challenging and yet appealing
Man!!! Computers!!!
without that what would i be doing???
Maybe I would not have been born or I would have been like Charles Babbage
Inventing a machine which does calculations
But Thanks Charles for saving me from the trouble of waiting
Anyways coming to the point,
MBA is all about working with people who knows technology and myself being a .net developer and also a designer, i love to work for myself and i love the way it feels
MBA is a barren land where you cant find anything new, using the dust of other people
you try to invent new dust...
I lost interest in MBA but i will do it cause i need time to program :)
if i had not been doing MBA, i would have been working
so lets think its for the best for me and my invention to this mankind
Thanks People for reading :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Anna University - MBA

After A Long Break, I am Blogging Again
I don't say i was away from computer, I was just not interested in typing
My 1st Sem Exams got over yesterday so i feel a bit relaxed
I want to make up with u ppl by sharing my Anna university days

It was completely dull, boring and everything i dint want to happen in my life
Too much of mugging, no practical exposure and no talents
The things which keep me going is me saying to myself

"Dude, Just 10 Months, hang on!!!"

another thing is , am doing the Anna University MBA site

Other than that speaking about subjects
staffs here are from IIMs and IITs but it doesn't improve the course
whatever we are studying in here is 5 years old to the students of US
so what good is it to us???
even i dont understand this but we are in india
and educational system here is completely ruthless
so i gave up

Thats all for now folks
But i think i ll be blogging frequently from now on
lets see

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swine Flu Prevention:

I got a forwarded message
i don't know whether it is a working remedy
but try after consulting a doctor

Now the FWD msg follows:

Use 1 Drop pf nilgiri oil in your handkerchief as a preventive measure towards
swine flu

-- National Institute Of Virology

Friday, July 3, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tancet 2009

The Results are out

The highest marks are yet to be known
i ll post it as soon as i get to know it

All the best ppl!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Days of my Life

This is not about Dr. Drake Ramoray
and this is about a day of a simple person's life
so far, my life has been filled with surprises and incidents
i thank the providence for being with me all this time and i hope
it will be companion even in the days about to come.

what am going to share now, shows the crudeness of Chennai
Capital of Tamilnadu

Incident as follows:

I was watching television in the hall, due to the water scarcity
my aunt went to get water from our colony's tank
Actually our colony is divided into two groups,
3 apartments each, each has a tank of its own
but on this fateful day and the days preceded, our tank was not filled
or the water produced is filled with worms,
so my aunt and my cousin and my cousin bro went to fetch water from the other tank
while they were getting water , there was this watch man who shouts at her and closes the tap and that guy dint have the manners as usual(local old guy)
my cousin came and told it to us, i was angry but i tried to control
i was angry about a local guy without manners being a watch man
inspite of my dad's shouting to not go, i went there

there was this old guys trying to maintain peace with that old man
but that watch man dint have the brains, he was adamant that what he said is right
i had to speak now, i said
"sir, what you said is wrong, you should have maintained manners, i am from a good family, and my dad is deputy commissioner, so please maintain manners"
i said this with all due respect for elders and i was calm
while other around said you dont bring that here pointing towards the fact that my dad has power, that old watch man said, bring IG(Inspector General) i will see him, you try

I was out of my control
i said "You dont need an IG , i could easily throw you, and i am capable"
he said " ya ya, bring it on"
i shouted at him saying am from Madurai, but i maintained my words, no bad words
and that's all

It may seem like a day to day life problem but it is not
in Chennai, the process of living together is not present
everyone closes their windows for the needy and some local guy thinks
he is an rowdy, i am ashamed to live in this scum

i am ashamed to say all this cause it hurts
i don't get into fight soon, why should i have to shout at an old man???
why cant god give the basic manners of treating everyone right to that oldman???

now i am typing all this to make peace with myself...

words wont be enough to fill pages while your heart groans in grief

thanks for reading this , friends.